Swanson Ultra Circulatory Health Formula

Size / Quantity 1g, 90 Liquid Vegetarian Capsules

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Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula is a one of a kind nutraceutical designed to promote healthy blood flow by supporting smooth platelets. This patented dietary ingredient is completely unique to Swanson and one of the very first to receive official endorsement by the EFSA.

  • Patented solution for healthy blood flow
  • Helps maintain healthy circulation
  • Supports healthy platelets

What is Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula

Put simply, Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula is a nutraceutical acquired from the gel that surrounds the seeds in tomatoes. It was discovered by Dr. Asim Duttaroy (now of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway) in 1999 who immediately recognised the health benefits of this bioactive gel to our circulatory system.

By creating the world's first fruitflow capsule, Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula not only stands on the shoulders of those supplements before it, it also reaches upward by actively promoting healthy bloodflow.

In seven clinical trials Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula was shown to be both safe and effective. It was for these reasons that it received an Authorised Health Benefit Statement by the European Food safety Authority (EFSA).

What is Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula for?

Blood platelets are cells that circulate our bloodstream which bond together and heal when they interact with damaged blood vessels. They are essential to maintaining a regular and physically vital bloodflow system. Without them our blood simply cannot clot and as a result, we cannot heal.

Think of them as the emergency services operating within our veins and arteries. They always need to be on call and in excellent condition. Swanson Ultra Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula helps to facilitate that flow by maintaining smooth blood platelets. The healthier these blood platelets are, the faster and more effectively they can move around our bodies.

For anyone concerned by their cardiovascular health, Swanson Ultra fruitflow circulatory health formula may well be the unique supplement for you. Should you decide to try this outstanding nutraceutical, it is worth noting that unlike many other supplements, its effects are immediate. You don't have to wait weeks or even days to feel the benefits. In fact, research shows that most people feel healthier in just a few short hours.

  • Helps maintain smooth platelets
  • Ensures a healthy circulatory system
  • One of a kind nutraceutical
  • EFSA approved
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