Swanson Ultra High Potency Natural Vitamin K2

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Did you know that without Vitamin K2 you can't properly absorb Calcium? That means that even if you're eating a Calcium rich diet, your teeth and bones might not be getting all the nutrients they need to stay strong. Made from natural Japanese fermented soybeans, there's no better way to supplement your supplements.

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  • Double-strength potency natural vitamin K2
  • Helps get calcium out of the arteries and into the bones, where it belongs
  • All-natural, derived from natto, a fermented-soybean product

What is Swanson Ultra High Potency Natural Vitamin K2?

At the heart of all good vitamins there lies a purpose. Usually that purpose is direct. Vitamin C for instance is one of nature's most potent antioxidants, B Vitamins are essential for, amongst other things, promoting energy production. Vitamin K2 is something a little different. It's purpose is complimentary. And while you may never have heard of it, it is completely vital to your body's absorption of the vital mineral Calcium.

You'd imagine then that getting a diet rich in K2 would be both easy and absolutely necessary. Foods that keep this nutrient are mostly poultry based - chicken breast, liver, eggs and even cheese. But there is one source that is a road less travelled, particularly as part of European culture - Natto.

Natto is a form of especially fermented soybean which has been carefully selected for two reasons. The first is because of a compound known as Menaquinone-7. Capable of actively unsettling Calcium deposits in the bloodstream, Menaquinone-7 is the agent which literally forces the mineral into your bones and teeth. Meaning that you get superior support from this vital nutrient.

The second thing Menaquinone-7 offers is a far greater absorption rate. Unlike some other dietary sources, Swanson Ultra High Potency Natural Vitamin K2 is actually capable of infiltrating your digestive system in ways that far outstrip its market (or dietary) competitors.

What is Swanson Ultra High Potency Natural Vitamin K2 used for?

For some time now Natto has been causing something of a stir. The reason for that is the cascade of studies which all seem to point to the same thing. That using a dietary supplement like Swanson Ultra High Potency Natural Vitamin K2 has been scientifically proven to promote both superior cardiovascular and more formidable bone strength.

  • Double-strength Vitamin K2
  • Unsettles Calcium deposits in the arteries to get them into your bones
  • 100% natural - derived from a fermented soybean product called Natto
  • Encourages maximum Calcium bioefficacy.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

In fact, a 2004 study by the ‘Journal of Nutrition' points to some fairly revealing facts about K2 consumption.

  • Unlike Vitamin K1, K2 has effects beyond just activating Calcium deposits.
  • K2 consumption is also considered one of the best ways to deter and protect against coronary heart disease.

So if you want to truly get the best out of the Calcium in your diet, consider this: Without a proper supply of K2 in our bodies, we could be actively wasting the precious resource that is Calcium. A scenario which not only leaves us open to skeletal conditions such as Osteoporosis but also more serious illnesses like coronary heart disease.

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