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Of course, we all want to reverse the signs of ageing but it's just a pipe dream, right? L-Carnosine can not only offer you wide ranging antioxidant support for the heart and muscles but some studies have shown that it can also reverse the effects of ageing on our cells.

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What is Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age?

L-Carnosine or just Carnosine to some, is a combination of two amino acids, alanine and histidine (which explains its less user friendly name beta-alanyl-L-histidine).

It is a naturally occurring dipeptide found primarily (and in large amounts) in the tissue of muscle and the brain. Recent evidence suggests that Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age works twofold.

First and foremost, it is an Antioxidant. What that means is that it will scavenge, collect and dispatch cellular garbage. When our bodies are subjected to oxidative stress (something which happens surprisingly frequently), our cells oxidise. This is bad because it causes them to mutate and become toxic. What Antioxidants like Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age do is inhibit that oxidation and glycation as well as scavenging aldehydes, acids and heavy metals.

So where do we get it from? Your body naturally manufactures carnosine where it is found in high concentrations in skeletal muscle, the brain, the lenses of the eyes, and the central nervous system. Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age can supplement that supply as you grow older. It can protect and maintain your mobility as well as support your eyesight into old age.

What is Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age used for?

We've already heard about the antioxidant capacity of Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age but what else can it do?

To understand L-Carnisine's most exciting ability we must first understand something called the ‘Hayflick Limit'.

Named after its discoverer, Dr Leonard Hayflick, this theory expands on the idea of just how cellular division and growth, like everything else in life, has a natural limit. In other words - all cells have a limited capacity to continue to divide throughout the course of our lives.

Dr Hayflick discovered that by early adulthood, half of all cell divisions have been ‘used up'. By halfway through our lives, around 20-39% of those divisions remain. This is the start of old age. The next step is, eventually, death.

While the Hayflick limit determines the lifespan at a cellular level, it also explains something called senescence - the moment when a cell can no longer divide. Senescent cells are those which we fear the most because they simply age. They are wrinkles, they are blotches, they are a loss of pigmentation.

However, the finality of the Hayflick Limit has recently been called into question. By none other than Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age. Recent studies have shown that L-Carnosine can not only slow, not only stop but even reverse the effects of senescence. And while these studies remain in their infancy, there is legitimate cause for hope that Swanson Ultra L-Carnosine Right Age might just be able to combat the cellular symptoms of ageing.

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