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Swanson Ultra Maximum Strength Quercetin

Size / Quantity Gluten Free, 800mg, 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Quercetin is in high demand today among active individuals looking to boost energy and counter the physical stress of modern life. The powerful flavonoid nutrient is found in some foods, but only in small amounts. Supplements are the best way to get functional doses of quercetin.

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  • Highly pure quercetin for maximum absorption potential
  • Unique antioxidant with key benefits for heart health, immune system and more
  • Also a favourite among athletes for its endurance and recovery support
Did you know that quercetin comes in two forms? Common supplements supply quercetin dihydrate, which is only about 85% quercetin by weight. Quercetin anhydrous, by contrast, is 98% pure quercetin, making it the preferred form for high-quality, high-value supplementation. Over three decades of scientific research support quercetin's benefits as a unique antioxidant with specific benefits for cardiovascular health, nervous system function, immune system health, joint comfort and physical performance.

Fitness enthusiasts value quercetin as a natural aid for endurance and recovery, while aging individuals find it beneficial as a daily supplement for total body defense and comfort. New Maximum Strength Quercetin from Swanson Ultra features 800mg of high-purity quercetin anhydrous in every capsule for reliable dietary support.

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