Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium

Size / Quantity 200mcg, 120 Capsules

Selenium, and its many uses, comes in a number of different forms. Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium is derived from the very best cruciferous vegetables to help keep certain carcinogens at bay - all the while boosting our immune systems to keep us happy and healthy.
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  • Powerful antioxidant which protects against free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Trace element that is essential for many of the body's basic functions
  • Maintains cardiovascular, thyroid and immune health
  • Supports prostate health

What is Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium?

Sewn into the fibres and complex cellular structure of certain cruciferous vegetables and members of the mustard and allium families is a little known trace element which plays a big role in maintaining our immune systems and may keep some known carcinogens at arm's length.

Vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts and garlic all harbour this potent micronutrient and now Swanson have harnessed it in their powerful Ultra SeMSC Selenium. The plants harvest the selenium from the enriched soil around them and as a result Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium actually delivers the most potent form of selenium available to us today.

What is Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium used for?

Selenium comes in several different forms: L-selenomethionine, sodium selenite and selenium methyl L-Selenocysteine. Each, individually has its role to play in our immune systems and each has a larger or lesser effect on different genders.

In the case of Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium, there are increasing signs that it may favour the both sexes.

What we do know is this - the body operates on a daily cycle known as the circadian cycle - this cycle means that we are awake in the day and asleep at night.

Along with its ability to inhibit angiogenesis (the genesis of new blood vessels) - Swanson Ultra SeMSC Selenium could well be the timely health boost you never realised you needed.

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