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Swanson Ultra Soy Free Genistein

Size / Quantity 125mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Introducing a new, all-natural phytoestrogen supplement that’s 100% soy free! The estrogen-like properties of natural isoflavones like genistein found in soybeans have helped countless women maintain hormonal balance during the menopausal transition, with significant benefits for bone strength and cardiovascular health as well.

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  • Gentle, allergen-free midlife support for women
  • Natural phytoestrogen supplement promotes physical comfort and mood balance
  • Free of soy, corn, wheat and yeast

Unfortunately, the lack of a good soy-free source of these phytoestrogens has made their benefits largely unavailable to soy-sensitive individuals—until now. Swanson Ultra Soy-Free Genistein is a super-concentrated source of all-natural hormonal support that no soy supplement can match, with an incredible 98% genistein content. Extracted exclusively from the fruit of the pagoda tree, Sophora japonica, it’s the ideal isoflavone alternative for those who wish to avoid soy products.

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