Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin

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You probably don't realize that your diet can influence your eyesight but it really can. Zeaxanthin is an incredibly important carotenoid and phytonutrient capable of protecting you from age related ocular degeneration. Found naturally in the Macula, you only stand to benefit from keeping your body's supply healthily topped up.

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  • Plays an important role in maintaining healthy vision
  • Helps to protect your eyes and other vital organs

What is Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin?

To understand what Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin is and how it can work for you, you must first understand what a phytonutrient is.

Phytonutrients like Zeaxanthin are health boosting, essential chemical compounds which are most commonly found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale. Zeaxanthin also exists in our eyes.

Since the discovery of Zeaxanthin in the Macula (an oval spot near the centre of the eye's retina) in 1985, a lot of researches have discovered the crucial role the chemical plays in maintaining our eyesight.

Much like other carotenoids, Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin is found mainly in colour pigments in nature, lending an orange/gold quality to its host. Marigolds are an excellent example of a plant with high component of Zeaxanthin.

Because Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin isn't created in our human body organically, it is our task to ensure that we get it from other available sources. Ordinarily those sources are dietary - food mostly, but sometimes we find that we're not getting enough. That's where Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin comes in. A reliable and effective source of Macular protection, it will help ease you into older age without the worry of diminishing eyesight.

What is Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin used for?

One of the best features of Carotenoids like Zeaxanthin is their massive antioxidant capacity. By protecting your eyes from blue light (the most harmful ray to our eyesight), Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin can reduce the oxidative stress of those rays. The result is not only stronger, healthier cell membranes in our eyes but also less potential to harm from toxic free radical cells.

Apart from protecting us from the harmful blue light, Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin also plays a role in macular maintenance and operation too. By sharpening central vision (the clarity with which objects in our field of vision pronounce against their background) and maintaining healthy visual acuity, Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin offers both a long term and a real time insurance policy for your eyes.

Located in the centre of the macula is the fovea, where the eye requires a constant supply of Zeaxanthin to promote constant healthy function. Because the crucial macular pigment is not produced organically in the body, it is vital for us to get a steady and regular supply supplement.

Swanson Ultra Zeaxanthin offers you that supply. Without it, the potential for long term damage can be frightening.

  • Protect yourself against AMD (age-related macular degeneration)
  • Protect against harmful blue light
  • Support macular growth and protection
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