Swanson 100% Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Make a healthy change in your kitchen—stock your cupboard with raw Swanson Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! Naturally 100% free of carbohydrates, coconut oil is perfect for cooking!

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  • "This is the best EVCO I have used for cooking. My family loves it in my squash recipe and continues to be a favorite every year. I highly recommend this product. You will not be sorry !!!"~product review by Roxygm
  • Perfect cooking oil, even at high temperatures
  • MCTs for quick energy
  • 100% organic, cold-pressed, unrefined & non-hydrogenated

It is a natural source of lauric acid, the same kind found in mother's milk, along with capric and caprylic acids. These medium-chain fatty acids are metabolised quickly for use as an energy source rather than being stored as fat, so cooking with coconut oil is perfect for any low-carb diet plan. Swanson's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is minimally processed and unrefined to bring you the flavour and aroma of fresh coconuts while retaining all of the oil's natural nutritional goodness.

This versatile oil can be added to smoothies, used to sauté vegetables or to replace butter in baking—even on toast! Take it out of the kitchen and use coconut oil in place of lotion or shaving cream.