Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol

Size / Quantity 100mg, 30 Capsules (French Marine Pine Bark Extract)

Pine doesn’t just have the strength for furniture construction, it actually hold other powers. The bark of the French Maritime pine tree contains some of the most powerful antioxidants known. Packed into a potent 100mg capsule from Swanson, this natural extract offers free radical protection, supports collagen structures and may slow the ageing process by maintaining healthy skin, keeping joints flexible, and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
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What is Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol?

Found exclusively in the unspoilt forest of Les Landes de Gascogne in south west France, the bark of the Pinus pinaster pine tree has created a name for itself. Trademarked in the US as Pycnogenol® this remarkable extract contains substances which have been found to benefit health.

Pycnogenol® contains procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids, which have four important benefits to health:

  • An antioxidant: Pycnogenol could protect the body against free radicals.
  • An Anti-inflammatory: Pycnogenol helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Generates collagen and hyaluronic acid: Pycnogeno promotes healthy skin.
  • Stimulates the production of endothelial nitric acid: Pycnogeno works to dilate blood vessels.

Swanson, a US supplier of high quality, nutritional health supplements with over 40 years of invested experience brings you a range of health products, regulated with the highest standards of quality, purity and potency. Each Swanson Pycnogenol capsule contains 100mg of the trademarked active ingredient Pycnogenol®. This trademarked source guarantees quality and has a patented extraction process and a manufacturing facility which is GMP(1) compliant.

What is Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol used for?

This natural extract from the trees is used a powerful antioxidant and taken as a dietary supplement. Swanson Pycnogenol capsules deliver a potent 100mg of free radical protection in a convenient daily capsule.

Why should you choose Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol?

  • Supports skin, joint and blood vessel structure: Pycnogenol is a source of free radical protection to protect collagen structures.
  • Promotes circulation and a healthy cardiovascular system: Pycnogenol helps to reduce stickiness of the platelets and reducing the risk of clots.
  • Maintains joint flexibility: Pycnogenol has been shown in studies to promote mobility, flexibility and reduce inflammation.
  • Skin health for the inside and outside: Pycnogenol reduces wrinkles by rebuilding elasticity, stimulates collagen production and blood flow to the skin helping with healing and rehydration.
  • Protects the eyes and vision: Pycnogenol antioxidant qualities could enhance protection of retinal lipids from oxidation by 60%
  • Natural support from the bark of the French maritime pine tree One daily Swanson Pynogenol capsule delivers an ultra-potent 100 mg antioxidant.

What is the recommended dose of Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol?

As a dietary supplement Swanson recommends that you take one 100mg capsules a day with a glass of water.

Special Precautions!

One Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol capsule contains 100mg of Pycnogenol®(French maritime pine bark extract). Other ingredients include Rice flour and gelatin.

Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research, Ltd.

Use of this product may be protected by one or more U.S. patents and other international patents.

Remember that, as with all pharmaceutical products, natural therapies carry a risk of contraindications when combined with various medical treatments and conditions. If you are already taking any other medication then it is ESSENTIAL you discuss the use of supplements with your doctor/health practitioner first.

If you notice any changes in your health or new symptoms, then stop use and seek medical attention.

Seek advice first if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do not exceed the recommended dose; if you suspect an overdose, take medical advice.

Do not use if the outer seal is broken or damaged at the time of purchase.

For safety, keep all tablets and capsules out of reach of children.

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