Terry Naturally Clinical Glutathione

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Clinical Glutathione™ is protected by a unique, patented process. A human study reported an unparalleled 230% improvement in healthy glutathione ratios compared to unprotected glutathione.*

Clinical Glutathione is specially formulated as a slow-melt tablet, protected by a unique, patented process. It supports beneficial levels of active glutathione in the bloodstream and improves the ratio of active glutathione to oxidised glutathione in a way that other approaches can't.

Clinical GlutathioneTM:

  • Improves blood ratios by 230%
  • Slow melt tablet, mild taste
  • Clinically-tested, European innovation
  • Exclusive, patented, protected delivery system

Who Needs Glutathione?

Glutathione is required for optimal health, and supports every system in the human body, but is especially important for cellular replication and correct functionality of nerve and brain cells.

Unfortunately, this is one antioxidant we can't get from food. Our body has to make it, and our levels drop over time. In fact, by age 65, there is a full 50% reduction in our glutathione levels.


Why is it called "reduced glutathione?" Does that mean there's less glutathione?

No. Reduced glutathione is simply the stable, active form required for good health. When glutathione is oxidised in the body, an enzyme called "glutathione reductase" helps return glutathione back into its antioxidant state. The normal functions of the body typically destabilise any antioxidant, but with glutathione, it is important to have a strong ratio of "reduced" - that is, active - glutathione (GSH) to oxidised glutathione (GSSG).

Why does glutathione require special formulation?

Oral glutathione does not survive oxidation during the digestive process unless it is specially formulated and protected. In fact, in clinical studies that compared Clinical Glutathione™ to unprotected oral glutathione, the unprotected form showed no ratio improvement or support of active levels of this antioxidant. That is why the special formulation and patented process unique to Clinical Glutathione™ is essential. Its revolutionary, slow-melt tablet allows the glutathione to provide optimal benefits without oxidising. Even enteric coatings can't protect glutathione properly, because stomach acid isn't the problem - the glutathione will still be oxidized and add to the overall burden of free radicals in the body.

Why not just use N-acetylcysteine? Isn't that a building block of glutathione?

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a building block of glutathione, but it is also dependent on the body's ability to make glutathione, which varies greatly with age and health status. Trying to use NAC alone can't guarantee that you'll be able to support active glutathione levels or improve blood ratios of this critical antioxidant. Additionally, using NAC may be associated with pulmonary and cardiovascular concerns, rather than glutathione-building benefits.

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