Vitamin C

As one of the most known and recognised vitamins, Vitamin C is a versatile nutrient with more than perhaps expected benefits to health. Vitamin C works throughout the body as it enhances immunity, helps to shorten periods of illness, reduces the symptoms of colds, and speeds up the healing of wounds.

Vitamin C also supports the growth of bones, maintenance of healthy teeth and ligaments, helps with the absorption of iron and production of certain neurotransmitters and adrenal gland hormones.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, which means that it is only stored in the body for a certain amount of time before it is excreted as urine. However, in this state, Vitamin C works as an antioxidant to fight damage caused by free radicals, especially in those areas that are mostly in water; such as the inside of cells.

Whilst it is not produced by the body, a healthy diet is a great source of Vitamin C with many fruits and vegetables having a plentiful supply. How much is determined by how the food is prepared, as Vitamin C can diminish in processed foods and cooking. Maintaining good levels of Vitamin C long term have in many studies shown the extent Vitamin C may act in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, cataracts and reduce the symptoms of asthma.


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